Advantages - MacroTech's Copper Ion Generator

Based on the antifouling properties of ionic copper plus the corrosion and scale inhibiting capability of aluminum hydroxide
The MacroTech Copper Ion Generator is safer and more convenient than chemical injection systems:
  • Unlike chemical injection systems, there are no chemicals to handle and keep in inventory.
More reliable than chlorine-based technology:
  • The system chemistry is non-corrosive and inhibits corrosion reliably, whereas improperly operated chlorine-based controls can accelerate corrosion.
Lower capital and operating cost:
  • Compared with sodium hypochlorite generators, the MacroTech Copper Ion Generator is less expensive to acquire, operate and no dechlorination necessary. 
More advanced design:
  • Macrotech is the proven and established system which incorporates numerous proprietary design advances.
Features of the system include:
•     Environmentally friendly.  Treatment level is 5-10 PPB of electrolytically produced
      ionic copper, which is effective against both micro- and macro-biological fouling
•     Proven control technology
•     Safer and more convenient than chemical injection systems - no handling or storage of hazardous or toxic chemicals
•     Both initial capital and operating costs are lower than chlorination systems
•     Prevents Biofilm Formation:  Algae  •  Bacteria  •  Viruses
•     Prevents Settlement: Zebra & Quagga Mussels  •  Bryozoa • Asiatic Clams  •  Blue Mussels 
Representative User’s List:
  • Adams County, CO
  • AES (2)   
  • Alliant Energy (2)    
  • B.R.I.C.
  • Cargill
  • Exelon Nuclear (3)
  • FPL Energy 
  • General Motors
  • Georgia-Pacific                      
  • NL Hydro (Canada)
  • Nuclear Management (2)
  • NY Power Authority (2)          
  • SCA Tissue  
  • Thilmany Paper (2)  
  • Unilever
  • US Salt    
  • we energies                 
  • Westar Energy