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Marine growth in water intakes, piping and heat transfer surfaces, if uncontrolled, can result in increased operating and maintenance costs. Fouled piping, valves, strainers and heat exchangers cut down the cooling water flow resulting in increased fuel consumption and, therefore, more frequent expensive cleanouts with disposal headaches.
In addition, these fouling sites can lead to accelerated corrosion which, unchecked, results in eventual expensive equipment renewal.
Zebra Mussel History
During the summer of 1988 large numbers of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) were first seen in Lake St. Clair. By the end of the 1989 growing season, zebra mussels had established themselves in Lakes Erie, Ontario, Superior, Michigan and the St. Lawrence River causing enormous problems to electric utilities, water treatment plants and other facilities. The infestation continued to spread to most bodies of water throughout the eastern USA and Canada.  They have arrived in most states East of the Rockies!
MacroTech - The Proven Solution
The MacroTech Copper Ion Generator uses electrolytically produced ionic copper
and aluminum to control macrofouling and microfouling (biofilm). The units incorporate the latest technology, the use of impressed current sacrificial anodes for the protection of fresh water cooling and service water systems.  The treatment cell is extremely efficient.  For example, the ZM-5 requires less than 100 watts to treat 5,000 gallons per minute. The Copper Ion Generator controls biofouling two ways: First, the electrolytic dissolution of ionic copper int the water
inhibits veliger settlement. The level of copper added to the water is 5-10 PPB above ambient, which is an environmentally acceptable level. Second the ionic copper inhibits biofilm formation, thereby reducing
the potential for microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC).
Our Product Portfolio
  1. ZM-50
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  5. ZM-20
  6. ZM-15
  7. Title 16
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  9. Title 18